Welcome to TeachReggio, a site dedicated to supporting collaboration among Reggio Emilia-inspired preschool educators. This site’s purpose is to inspire those who are already knee-deep in the Reggio approach and to provide resources to those who are new to Reggio.

Loris Malaguzzi and every teacher in Reggio Emilia, Italy schools have left us a challenge: come and see for yourself, explore our work and then take these concepts/ideas/perspectives into your own context. With others, wrestle with what you have observed and discovered. Wrestle internally with your own pre-existing ideas and biases, collaboratively with colleagues and parents, and actively within your own community to transform education in America.

My life’s purpose is to reinvent American education by leading people to adopt an image of children as competent, powerful, self-directed learners through my teaching, speaking and writing.

Please visit my resources page, which includes links to the TeachReggio Google Sites filled with articles and internet resources for educators and parents. Visit me on Facebook at TeachReggio and follow me on Twitter at @mindfulteachnc for more resources. Please also visit Wildflower Learning Community, home of The Preschool at 1870 Farm.


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