About Me

I am an educator inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach and the philosophy of messing about! I love engaging with children of all ages and particularly enjoy working with other educators who are intellectually curious and passionate about children’s rights and negotiated curriculum. I am also an aspiring artist, working mostly with acrylics and mixed media. I work as director and teacher at 1870 Farm Summer Camp and The Preschool at 1870 Farm.  I chair the committee to bring the Hawkins Center’s Cultivate the Scientist in Every Child Exhibit to the Triangle area in Spring 2017. My dream is to build an organization that offers all families an educational experience that honors the rights of children and inspires their innate yearning to make meaning of their world, values the work of parents and acknowledges the need for community involvement in all aspects of family life. Wildflower Learning Community is that organization. Please visit us here and join the conversation! Joyful Child-Joyful Village is a space created by my co-teacher, Melissa Ervin, and I to support children, families, teachers and our community.

I earned an MAT from Duke University and a BA in English and Speech from Meredith College. I began my teaching career working with adolescents (with whom I love to work) and over the years have taught nearly every age group (2s through adult). I have taught/tutored/trained in various settings including my own in-home preschool, mental hospitals and homeless shelters, public schools and community colleges, preschools and nonprofit organizations. Basically, I love teaching and will pretty much engage with anyone who wants to co-create!

When I discovered the Reggio Emilia approach to education, I fell in love! I have passionately (obsessively) read everything I can get my hands on about Reggio Emilia and the educators who have worked so hard to continue creating this beautiful way of being with children. In fact, I still read everything I can get my hands on. I started this site so that others could access Reggio resources easily and plentifully. I hope to support the ongoing collaboration and growing conversation among educators who are inspired by Reggio and seek to understand and develop a Reggio approach fitting for their own children, families, staff, school and community.

My second passion is Frances and David Hawkins’ ideas of how children learn. David used the term “messing about” to describe what people do when they engage in self-directed learning with loose parts and other random materials. Their passion for listening to and supporting children is unparalleled and inspiring!

My life’s purpose is to reinvent American education by leading people to adopt an image of children as competent, powerful, self-directed learners through my teaching, speaking and writing. Please join this worldwide conversation. Inspire change in your own corner of the world. Reggio is nothing if it does not support collaboration, communication and debate. Share your ideas and perspective, your questions and confusion. Every contribution adds to the beautiful tapestry that is Reggio!